July 13, 2024
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Our Staff

Our central staff are:

Maria Holloway, Government Expenditure Data Lead and Website Coordinator, is responsible for the spending data for the Commitment to Reduce Inequality Index as well as the Lusophone, some Hispanophone and English countries for the GSW Initiative. She is also involved in the logistical coordination of various training and researches missions and overseas projects., and the coordination of the DFI website.

Matthew Martin, Director, formerly with the World Bank, Overseas Development Institute and Oxford University, he has been advising developing countries, international organisations and donors on development financing and debt issues since 1991. He handles design and liaison with developing country policymakers, donors and regional and international partner organisations. His specialisations are in debt relief, analysing the quality and sustainability of new aid and private flows, and fiscal, financial sector and macroeconomic issues.

Juan Carlos Vilanova Pardo, Programme Manager, formerly with the World Bank, he has been a senior consultant to the HIPC CBP since 1999, and resident debt advisor to Guinea Bissau and São Tome e Príncipe. Juan Carlos manages projects in Hispanophone and Lusophone countries, and West African countries falling under the remit of WAIFEM. Juan Carlos specialises in external debt analysis and institutional/capacity-building needs assessment.

David Waddock, Finance & Office Manager, deals with all financial and contractual aspects of the programme, as well as the day to day running of the office, staff recruitment and personnel issues.


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