23 April - 3 May & 13-30 March - Capacity Building Missions in Haïti

Thursday, 17 May 2012 15:20

HaitiAs part of the Debt Management Capacity Building Program managed by CEMLA and financed by CIDA, CEMLA/DRI visited Port-au-Prince for 2 joint capacity building missions. The first aimed at enhancing capacity in debt sustainability and debt strategy and to update the public debt database in order to prepare the various debt data projections and macroeconomic projections required for the debt sustainability analysis and Medium Term Debt Strategy (MTDS). The second mission was to familiarise staff of the various institutions with the methodology on new financing elaborated by DRI. The training welcomed nineteen participants from the Ministry of Economics and Finance, the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation, and the Bank of the Republic of Haiti.