December 9, 2023
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8 October – Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index 2020

Wednesday, 28 October 2020 00:00

2022 CRI Front PageDFI and Oxfam International launched the third edition of the CRI, measuring government commitment to policies which reduce inequality. The key findings of the report are that the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across a world unprepared to fight it, because countries failed to fight inequality. Only one in six countries are spending enough on health, only a third of the global workforce has adequate social protection, and in over 100 countries one in three workers had no labour protection. As a result, many have faced death and destitution, and inequality is increasing dramatically. The report recommends that all governments adopt strong anti-inequality policies on public services, tax and labour rights, to radically reduce the gap between rich and poor. The international community must support them with SDRs, debt relief and global solidarity taxes.


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