September 21, 2023
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BWI Spring and Annual Meetings

DFI and its regional partner organisations, through the HIPC Capacity Building Programme, have played a leading role in advocating for more debt relief and more and better quality aid through the HIPC Ministerial Network, which transmits HIPC Ministers’ views to international organisations, G7, G20 and like-minded Ministers, and civil society and the press through declarations and press releases. Because it is unique in its ownership by 36 HIPC Finance Ministers, the HIPC Ministerial Network views have been discussed at G8 summits, contributed to new debt relief and financing initiatives by creditor countries and international organisations, fed into reviews, Executive Board and IMFC/Development Committee discussions by the IMF and World Bank, and been cited in many papers by international organisations, donors and civil society organisations.

In addition, DFI has since 1997 provided many individual countries with advocacy support at the BWI meetings in order to lobby for additional or faster debt relief. This has involved organising press campaigns, meetings with key BWI and OECD government officials, and forums with key civil society organisation stakeholders. Benin, Bolivia, Burundi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Mali, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Uganda and Zambia have been among the countries benefiting most from this support in getting more or faster relief.


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