July 13, 2024
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Commonwealth Secretariat/ Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie Ministerial meetings

Since the 1990s, DFI’s subsidiary Debt Relief International has been helping the Commonwealth Secretariat with technical papers for its meetings of country officials and ministers on debt issues. More recently, since 2005, it has worked in closer partnership with secretariat, jointly sponsoring Ministerial Meetings in Maputo and Washington. Since 2007, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie has also been co-sponsoring the meetings of the HIPC Ministerial Network, and in April 2009, DFI provided technical support to the first joint Commonwealth Secretariat/ Organisation International de la Francophonie Ministerial Debt Sustainability Forum meetings in Washington. For a summary of the joint meeting communiqué and some of the papers, see here.

To download the background papers DFI prepared for the 2009 meeting, please click on these links:


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