December 9, 2023
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Debt strategy and public finance

The building block for enhancing country’s capacities in all aspects of debt strategy and public finance is the assessment of the country’s debt and public finance management performance and its capacity building needs. There are two main methodologies currently in use for doing this:

The self-assessment methodology, which is applicable for assessing performance and needs in all low and middle income countries, which while developed within the context of the HIPC Capacity Building Programme, through an all-embracing set of indicators covering all aspects of debt and public finance management and analysis

The Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) methodology of the World Bank for assessing debt management performance through a comprehensive set of indicators spanning the full range of government debt management functions.

Country reports provide an overview of capacity building assessments and progress achieved through the HIPC Capacity Building Programme implemented by DFI and its collaborating partners. They are also summarized in Country Assessment Table.


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