July 17, 2024
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SoftwareWhat is the FPC CBP Software?

The FPC CBP has developed a generic software to store BOP-related and investor perception data, assist with data checking, and produce outputs for further data quality checks and analysis. It was designed by Eveleigh Information Solutions Ltd (EIS) in the UK in consultation with regional experts. This was in response to demand from countries which did not have adequate systems in place. It was designed in MS Access, as a widely available and understood system.

The software is accompanied by a User Manual and a Technical Manual for software designers.

How Does it Relate to Other Systems?

It stores aggregate data, and is therefore complementary to other systems, such as the loan-by-loan software of CS-DRMS and DMFAS. Some countries refer to the functionalities of the software, and design their own software to be consistent with institutional systems such as Oracle.

Enhancements and Updates

The software was designed rapidly in response to user need. Updates are periodically released, introducing enhancements as requested by users. Updates are announced on the EIS website, in e-mail circulars, the What’s New page, the FPC CBP Briefing, and the Newsletter.



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