July 13, 2024
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HIPC and MDRI Analysis & Research

DRI associates have been conducting analysis of multilateral debt burdens and relief initiatives since 1991. Several were closely involved in the formulation of the HIPC Initiative. DRI produced the first independent debtor-oriented analysis of the HIPC Initiative and the Enhanced HIPC Initiative in 2001, and has produced multiple analyses since then. For the debtor-oriented comprehensive analysis of 2001, please see Implementing the Enhanced HIPC Initiative. For a wider analysis for all readers, see Assessing the HIPC Initiative, Chapter 2. For analysis of the MDRI, see Implementing the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative. For analysis of the UK MDRI, which applies to a wider range of countries, please see Implementing UK Initiative on IDA and ADF Debt Relief.

DRI also produces more technical information designed to help debtors maximize their relief under the initiatives. As examples of these, see Implementing HIPC: Calculating Debt Relief and Multilateral Creditors’ HIPC Initiative Contributions.


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