July 13, 2024
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Analysis and Policy

Analysis_and_policyThe fundamental purpose of monitoring FAL, investor perceptions and corporate responsibility is so as to analyse trends in private capital, the investment climate, global and national financial crises, and corporate responsibility; and on the basis of this analysis, to make policy recommendations to government on how to increase the scale and stability, and the development contribution, of foreign private capital.

Training materials provide guidance in how to:

  • Prepare high-quality analysis (institutional arrangements, sample publication contents etc)
  • Define analytical needs and key e.g. country or region specific issues
  • Write an analytical report, with suggestions for presentation and analysis
  • Link analytical findings to recommendations and policy action plans


A new version of the NTF Manual is in progress. If you have a username and password, please link to the FPC CBP site for the current version.

Alternatively, please contact us for further information


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