July 17, 2024
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FAL Questionnaire

FAL_QuestionnaireFI has developed a comprehensive set of materials for surveying the private sector on their Foreign Assets and Liabilities (FAL). These are widely regarded as best practice because they are very concise and avoid “balance of payments language” in favour of language which is closer to enterprise accounting terminology. It has also developed key techniques for interviewing respondents, and for surveying enterprises on other useful analytical classifications such as recipient sectors, source countries and recipient regions.

Training materials include:

  • Generic questionnaire for aggregate BOP/IIP
  • Generic questionnaire for loan-by-loan private sector external debt
  • Interview techniques
  • Recipient sector industrial classification in line with international standards
  • Source country of investment
  • Data editing and checking techniques using mechanisms built into the questionnaire


A new version of the NTF Manual is in progress. If you have a username and password, please link to the FPC CBP site for the current version.

Alternatively, please contact us for further information


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