July 17, 2024
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Investor Perception & CSR

Investor_perception_and_CSRIt is also essential to survey enterprises on their perception of the investment climate and government policies, their intentions of future investment, and their implementation of corporate responsibility programmes, in order to assess how best government can maintain and increase investment levels and ensure that they make the maximum contribution to national development. This is best done in conjunction with FAL surveys, because combining the two reduces the burden of multiple surveys on the private sector and increases the overall response rate by 30-40% of the sample.

Training materials include:

  • Awareness of international codes and standards
  • Generic questionnaires
  • Presentational and practical materials


A new version of the NTF Manual is in progress. If you have a username and password, please link to the FPC CBP site for the current version.

Alternatively, please contact us for further information


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