June 17, 2024
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Register, Sampling, Time Series, Quarterly Estimates

Register_sampling_time_seriesAccurate monitoring requires the maintenance of an accurate register of investors to survey; the use of sampling techniques to choose who to survey; “uprating” techniques to expand survey sample data into representative overall data; time series techniques to check consecutive survey results and adjust them for consistency; techniques to derive quarterly estimates from annual surveys, or annual data from quarterly surveys; and methods to check data against international data sources.

Training materials steer through best practices in how to:

  • Compile and maintain a comprehensive register of investors
  • Draw on this register to design a sample for smaller scale surveys
  • “Up-rate” or gross-up data to account for non-response to surveys, or for enterprises not included in the sample
  • Prepare time series
  • Derive quarterly estimates
  • Check data against international sources


A new version of the NTF Manual is in progress. If you have a username and password, please link to the FPC CBP site for the current version.

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