April 24, 2024
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Aid Effectiveness

Since the late-1990s the international community has been making extensive efforts to make aid more effective in producing development results. For more information on these processes, please see the OECD DAC Development Cooperation Department website , and for civil society views on them, see the Better Aid website.

DFI has been closely involved in aid effectiveness discussions and negotiations at global and country level since 2004-05. It has assisted developing countries to prepare their negotiating positions for the Accra High-Level Forum on aid effectiveness, and has produced many analytical reports, studies and presentations on aid effectiveness and how developing countries themselves can ensure that they get the best quality aid, including:

Latest work DFI carried out in this area:

5 April 2015 - UN DCF Commissions Papers on Standards for Private/Blended Cooperation, New York

Ecosoc DCF The UN Development Cooperation Forum has commissioned DFI to prepare two policy briefs on effectiveness and impact standards for private and blended (joint public and private) development cooperation. The first brief, due in June, will define the potential content of such standards and will be presented at a side event at the Addis Ababa Financing for Development conference. The second, in August, will define how the standards might be monitored, and will be discussed at the DCF symposium in Uganda on 4-6 November 2015.

9-13 May 2011 – DFI commissioned by the UN DCF

UNDFI was recently commissioned by the UN DCF to prepare a background study analysing the quantity and quality of aid in LDCs and outlining possible elements for an LDC accountability framework that builds on existing review processes. The study was discussed at the Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC-IV) held from 9 to 13 May 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey to review the Brussels Programme of Action (BPoA) and agree on a new Programme of Action (IPoA) for LDCs. The paper can be downloaded from here

9-13 May 2011 - LDC – IV Conference Papers and Events on Aid to LDCs


DFI assisted the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs to prepare a background paper and side event at the conference. See more on this event here. DFI also helped Save the Children UK to write a background paper on aid to LDCs, called The LDCs: Biggest Challenges, Least Assistance ?


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