July 17, 2024
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Domestic Debt

As domestic debt becomes an increasingly important resource mobilisation option for developing countries, it is necessary to analyse the options for restructuring the current domestic debt portfolio and the options for future new issuances.

To assist countries in this area DFI has developed a methodology which enables governments to analyse how best to balance the supply of domestic debt for budget deficit financing and monetary policy implementation, with the demands of the financial market for holding domestic debt intruments. An overview of this methodology is found in Key Issues for Analysing Domestic Debt Sustainability.

To strengthen countries capacity in this area, DFI has developed detailed training materials and manuals.

Latest work DFI carried out in this area:

11 May 2015 - Financing Global Health: What About the Taxes?, Berlin

GlobalFundDFI participated in a symposium organised by the Friends of the Global Fund, to examine the best ways to fund the SDGs for health, making a presentation on the key potential role of a partnership for tax revenue. Other sessions examined the need for a Global Fund for Health Systems, lessons from Rwanda and from the Ebola crisis, and use of technology to track implementation of health plans. The seminar was attended by 40 parliamentarians, officials and civil society organisations. During the visit DFI also held meetings with the German Development Ministry and Oxfam Germany about FfD and global tax reform issues.

16 April 2015 - Francophone LIC Finance Ministers and Experts Meet in Washington

SenegalOIFOIF Ministers Demand Additional Action on Tax from OECD and BWIs. Washington. Chaired and convened for the first time by Senegal, the network of Francophone LIC Finance Ministers and Experts met in Washington, DC on the margins of the Spring Meetings of the IBW. Technical officials from IDA-borrowing OIF countries discussed a report on tax policy, recommending a crackdown on tax exemptions, more progressive tax structures, and changes in global tax rules. Read more... 

14 April 2015 - Developing Country Ministers Demand Tax Justice from G20, Washington

g20 minefiOIFDFI/OIF supported OIF IDA borrowing Ministers of Finance to contribute to a discussion with the G20 Development Working Group on Financing for Development. Ministers focussed on debt problems for SIDS, the need to reduce the cost of remittances, and especially on the need for G20 Finance Ministers to take political decisions to reform global tax laws and stop insisting on tax exemptions for their companies and their ODA, in order to allow developing countries to get their fair share of global tax revenues.



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