June 17, 2024
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Bilateral Export Credits

Many bilateral governments and their agencies, both OECD and non-OECD, offer both less concessional and non-concessional financing facilities, including export credits. The latter are loans extended especially to finance trade and are often tied to exports of the creditor country. Sometimes bilateral lenders offer a financing package comprised of a nonconcessional loan or export credit and a grant, to get around developing country borrowing ceilings.

Information on OECD bilateral nonconcessional loans can be found in Key Analytical Issues for Government External Financing, the Donor Guides and Bilateral Creditors Interest Rates. For Southern providers, information can be in found in South-south and triangular development cooperation.

To help countries strengthen their capacity in analysing multilateral less and nonconcessional resources as part of designing an external new financing strategy, DFI has developed detailed training materials and manuals.

To help developing countries decide on their best financing options, DFI has conducted research into the pros and cons of different types of non-concessional financing, which is presented in Diversifying Sources of Financing for Development and Key Analytical Issues for Government External Financing.


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