July 18, 2024

G20 August

Since 2000, DFI has been helping African governments to prepare positions for the meetings they have with G8 leaders at their annual summits, and to lobby effectively before the meetings for increases in debt relief. Since the expansion of the G20 into the principal head of state-level negotiating forum on global economic and financial issues, DFI has been assisting African governments to get the voice and needs of low-income countries heard at the G20. It has worked closely with and for the African Development Bank in reinforcing the African voice before and during the March and September 2009 London and Pittsburgh Summits, and has organised consultations of low-income country finance ministers for the UK government, in Freetown and London, to feed into its September 2009 report to the G20 on how to improve the adaptability and flexibility of the IMF and World Bank to support global growth.

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