July 13, 2024

Advisory Services

At the global level, DFI has become a regular source of advice for many international organisations, OECD donors and CSO coalitions on potential reforms to the international financial architecture, debt relief and sustainability initiatives, aid effectiveness and policy issues, and private capital flows. For more on the reports resulting from these projects, please see the commissioned research page.

DFI’s extensive experience of providing advisory services includes helping developing countries to:

  • conduct Debt Sustainability Analysis, design national debt policies and strategies, and set national borrowing limits;

  • negotiate relief on multilateral debt, bilateral Paris Club and non-Paris Club debt, and commercial debt , as well as forestalling or defending litigation, partly under the auspices of the HIPC Capacity-Building Programme.

  • design and implement policies for external resource mobilisation, including making decisions on accessing international capital markets, getting a country credit rating, designing an aid policy so as to maximise the quality and effectiveness of their aid, and implementing that policy by negotiating with aid donors to change their behaviour

  • restructure their domestic debt portfolios and design new issuance strategies to deepen their markets, reduce interest rates and lengthen maturities.

  • reinforce their policies to attract foreign private capital (FDI, portfolio flows, private sector lending), diversify source countries and host sectors/regions, reduce its cost and increase its sustainability and contribution to national development. For suggestions on how to design a policy action plan in this area, click here.

Where possible we always prefer to provide advice in a way which maximises the training of national officials so as to build their own technical capacity, ensuring that they do not have to call on us or other advisers repeatedly; and allows them to take the lead in advising their own policymakers rather than relying on us. In addition, as these advisory services are provided on a non-profit basis, they are considerably cheaper than those of commercial organisations.

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